Something Together

This page is all about creative ideas and activities to do with your little ones. It doesn’t matter what you do, my hope is just that you’ll be inspired to do something together.



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Easter Bunny Craft

Okay, so he turned out a little scary. Let me explain: When I decided to do this craft, I thought I still had some small googly eyes left. Evidently I did not. So he has huge eyes. The color of his fur is a little off-putting as well. We wanted him to have a stuffed bunny look, so we went for a scrap fabric. I didn’t realize this choice would add to his scariness. You could use any paper or scrap fabric you wanted for this project. Maybe yours won’t look terrifying like ours.

First we read The Velveteen Rabbit together. He loved the story, and it always gets me choked up. So sweet.

So here’s what you’ll need:

The toilet paper tube will be his body, two cotton balls for his feet, one for his nose {which we didn’t use because we decided it was too weird looking- imagine that}, and one for his little tail. Glue, a brush, fabric or scrapbooking paper {could also use felt}, googly eyes, and construction paper and scissors for his ears.


Paint the tube with the glue.


Wrap tube in fabric, felt, or colorful paper.

3.Decorate your bunny with all kinds of cute additions. Little got to pick out the colors and fun details. I had to help him with this step, so I couldn’t take pictures, but you get the idea. Sometimes crafts turn out cute, sometimes… scary. Don’t judge our bunny. Little Bug likes it anyway, so I’d say this one was a win.


Beyond Stickers

Little received a package of stickers this weekend from his Mimi, so we pulled them out this afternoon when it was far too hot to play outside. Stickers are so inexpensive and fun, and we found a way to make them go a little bit further into an actual project.

You really only need colorful paper, stickers, and crayons for this activity! Oh, and a vivid imagination.

I simply started the project by picking a couple of cute “action” oriented stickers and then drawing a little scene that would work perfectly with the sticker. Little enjoyed placing them where they belonged.

He quickly caught onto the idea and was soon requesting specific “scenes” for stickers he wanted to place! We created two really cute collages and spent about 20 minutes on this imaginative project together!

PS. You really don’t have to have any artistic talent. Your kids will love creating “stories” from the stickers instead of just placing them on the paper- or themselves {although that’s fun too!}

Wowing a toddler or preschooler doesn’t take a lot, so get out there and do something together!


Play Props from Recyclables

Confession: I have packrat tendencies. I know. It’s awful. But, my chaos is organized. No, really it is! In my craft closet, I have a box where I stick empty containers, food boxes, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls. I figure with a little imagination and a willing preschooler, any one of these items can transform into a fabulously fun toy or art project.

This idea is so easy, it’s almost sinful that I’d post it on here. But I hope it’ll inspire your own creative ideas.

Enter the tunnel.

Simply locate those empty macaroni and cheese boxes, milk cartons, or, in this case, empty sour cream tubs, and cut holes in it. It couldn’t be easier.


  • A large cereal box with holes cut throughout can serve as an apartment or hotel for dolls.
  • A shoebox with a square hole cut in the side could be a garage for cars.
  • In our case, Little is really into tunnels right now since we rode on a train recently. So I made a tunnel out of this sour cream tub. It has entertained him all afternoon. No kidding.

It really is that easy! He’s been passing his trains through the “tunnel” all afternoon. He’s also learning what will and will not fit through the tunnel. We even set the tunnel over his little railroad track and played with it that way.

I’m all about free and practically effortless projects, so there ya go. So now, put the computer down and go do something together!


Painted Rocks

Little and I enjoy collecting rocks from the different towns we visit, and then painting them together when we get home. It makes for a very creative and completely free souvenir that then turns into a together activity!

Step One

Gather your rocks. In this project, our rocks came from Table Rock Lake where we vacationed with family in June.

Step Two

Gather your supplies. The foam brushes cost us $1.99 at Hobby Lobby, the paint $3 waterproof Crayola kid’s paint at Walmart.

Step three.

Paint paint paint! Have fun with it. I made animals based on the shape of the rocks, but Little just enjoyed coloring them. When they dried, I painted eyes on his and we just called them Creatures. He now plays with his “creatures” along with his plastic dinosaurs and cars.

Elephants, Turtles, Snakes, and rock Creatures. Fun and cheap!

Now, go do something together!

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