Dear Agency,

A message in a bottle to our still unknown adoption agency, wherever it may be…

Where are you?

Why can’t I seem to find my ideal adoption agency? I think I may have found you, but I’m waiting on your staff to contact me. Why are agencies so hard to find? Finding Travis didn’t seem like it was this hard. Maybe it was. I don’t remember.

…Ok, it was probably harder.

I digress.

Agency, I’m not looking for miracles. I’m just looking for you to not rip me off. I’m looking for you to do what you say you’re gonna do, have me pay only what was originally quoted to me, and find me a healthy baby before Jesus comes back. (Which, coincidentally, he did not today, so we were spared from this apocalypse.) Do you think you can handle that?

I realize that honesty and transparency is a lot to ask of such a jaded business as adoption these days…But maybe just for me, you can pull an exception?

We’re jumping through your flaming hoops, filling out your stacks of paperwork, revealing every aspect of our lives that was once personal and sacred to us, and the least you could do is make yourself known.

Are you going to be the agency that brings us to a kid?

I decided to write directly to you, because obviously dealing with real people gets me no where. I’m hoping by appealing directly to the source, we can become friends and maybe you can put in a good word for me. Get Ms. Whatshername to call me back? Have Mrs. Soandso not blow smoke up my rear when I ask about reasonable wait times? No?

…Sigh. Yeah… I didn’t really think so. It was worth a shot.

I’ll keep looking for you. I hope eventually you make yourself known. This hunt is exhausting. We just want to move to point B. Other families don’t seem to have such a hard time locating an agency. I really didn’t this stage would be the hard part!

Here’s hoping.




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2 responses to “Dear Agency,

  1. Mom

    I love you.
    I’m still praying with you.
    You will make it through this. Remember how long it took to find the perfect place to live?

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