Better Day, Movie Viewing Party

Today was MUCH better! Little was really well behaved and very sweet, and I woke up with a lot more patience. Maybe it was the weather, I don’t know. We’ve been in a SEVERE drought {as in worst in Texas history} and today was mostly overcast all day. I love cloudy days more than any other kind of day. That perked me up.

I don’t know where I got this idea, but the weather was a big change from the norm for the past few months, so I thought it would be fun to do something different today. We had a Winnie the Pooh party.

Little had never seen Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, which is a crime. It was my favorite when I was his age. I couldn’t go to bed at night without either watching Pooh bear or reading about Pooh bear. So I decided we needed to commemorate this event in a fun way, so it was more than just watching a movie.

I didn’t worry about chores or laundry. I threw a quilt on the floor, gathered up all of the Hundred Acre Woods gang that we have, and put on the movie. He LOVED it. It was so special, and I know that’s a precious memory that I’ll always cherish.

He loved the movie, and loved acting out what he saw on the tv. Not too deep into the movie, he started saying {with a severe pouty lip} “Eeyore SO sad!” every time Eeyore was on the screen. I loved it. He also, of course, had to bounce around like Tigger, stutter like Piglet, and “whooo whooo” like Owl.

Completely captivated

We keep our DVD’s in a CD case to keep them stored away and better organized. When I first unzipped the case, he immediately saw “Cars,” which is his favorite movie. I playfully said, “Noooo…” and turned the page. Then he saw Mickey and got excited again. “Nooo…” Another page turn. Veggie Tales. “BOB!” He yelled, pointing at Larry the Cucumber. Finally I pulled Pooh bear out of the sleeve and said, “This! Tigger and Pooh!” He gave me an absolute flat-line expression, shook his head and said, “Uh-uh.” Nope. Nothin’ doin’, mom. I couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. However, once it started and he realized that he had his own Pooh, he was very excited.

I felt so sentimental getting to share something that I loved as a little girl with him and see him enjoy it. I was also proud of myself for putting EVERYTHING down to just spend a quiet day with him. We usually have a lot of sweet moments together throughout the day, but its rare that I have the opportunity to set aside the entire morning or the entire afternoon just for one on one fun time. I loved it. We need to do this more often. I always love when I can take something normal and turn it into a fun memory or celebration.

It was a better day. A much better day. Hopefully my bad week ended yesterday. Days like yesterday make me think there’s nothing harder in the world than being a mom, and days like today make me think there’s nothing better.




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2 responses to “Better Day, Movie Viewing Party

  1. Kat…you’ve got so much to look forward to. I realize that Winnie the Poo and The Godfather are completely different things….


    I remember my 17 year old son inviting me into his room to watch The Godfather. I wasn’t interested. And then something inside of me said,,,,”your teenage son is inviting you into his room to spend time…”

    We watched the first movie and then the second. He ushered me out with the promise, “we’ll watch part III tomorrow.”

    And we did.

    You will never regret putting aside all the chores to make incredible memories. We only get this one chance.

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