First Possible Situation…

That we know of.

Let me clarify. Our agency may have shown our profile to 200 expectant women by now {crazy exaggeration} but we wouldn’t know it. Two days ago, I actually got an email from our director about a possible situation with an agency that they sometimes help who was looking for a family for a one month old baby boy. The fees were way too high with this other agency, so we couldn’t even consider it. However, this morning I got a call asking us if we’d like to be shown to one particular situation with a young lady expecting a baby boy. This one is through our own agency, and well within our budget. She’s healthy, baby’s believed to be healthy. She’s Caucasian, and baby is biracial {could be Hispanic/White or African American/White}. Everything sounds good.

She’s due NOVEMBER 2ND! That’s so close to right now! {that sentence sounds silly}

We said to go ahead and send in our profile, after lots of texting and calling of friends and loved ones asking for prayer and advice. It’s hard knowing what to do. I feel in my heart like God has confirmed our next baby to be a girl. Could I be wrong? Sure! If I were pregnant and just certain our baby was a girl, but she was born a he, would I be sad or disappointed? I can’t imagine that I would be. This could be like that. Or, he may not be ours. She may not pick us at all.

We decided to act on faith. Send our profile her way and not worry about genders and feelings and things like that. Just pray and trust God that if this is our baby, he blesses us as his parents and blesses him as our child, and that we delight in him {as I know we will.}

When we first signed with the agency, we were only open to girls, and when we decided to open ourselves up to either gender, our agency director asked us, “Now, you guys aren’t going to turn down a perfect match because it’s a boy, are you?” We agreed not to, because that causes headaches, and can potentially cause heartache if a birthmom falls in love with us through our profile and we say no because she’s expecting a boy. So we stood behind our word, and asked to be shown to this young mom.

If this is our baby, and he’s a boy, I know God will bless us abundantly. We still have ALL of Little’s things in the attic, because my heart couldn’t bear to part with them and because I just had to believe someday we’d have another baby boy. Sure, we’ve had our hearts set on a girl, and we’ve told family and friends that we’re praying for a girl and confident that our baby is a girl- and she very well could be! But we aren’t closed off to the idea that God is full of surprises and the perfect baby for us just might be a little boy.

We’ll see. I’m staying emotionally distant from the scenario for now because she hasn’t even picked us yet. I have no idea how many other families she’s looking through, or what all she’s going through as she decides. I pray that God blesses her with wisdom and discernment as she makes this choice, and that whatever she decides is what’s best for that sweet baby boy.

I’m not gonna lie…It’s hard not to imagine the fact that we could realistically be bringing a baby boy home in six weeks, or that there could be another family member at the table this Thanksgiving, but I’m still trying not to think about that. I know that if he’s not the one for our family {or we aren’t the ones for him} that God will give me peace about that to move forward to the next possible match. I’m glad it’s out of our hands at this point to be honest with you.

I trust that our baby is out there somewhere, and each possible situation that’s presented to us is one closer to OURS. In the meantime, it certainly doesn’t hurt to at least consider baby boy names, does it? 😉




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2 responses to “First Possible Situation…

  1. Nanny

    If you get this baby boy then you will know he is from God, If you don’t get him then you will know he was not yours to begin with.

    • That’s exactly how we see it. It’s hard not to start feeling excited about the idea of possibly having a new baby around here in just 6 weeks, but I know it’s out of our hands, and I know we’ll feel at peace with whatever her decision is. I’m glad God’s in control at this point, because it’s too much of a burden to choose from one child to the next.

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