Make Your Own Gold Bug

I recently had a fun Facebook chat with one of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers, Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books. I landed on her blog years ago and was drawn in by her love for children’s books and the fun activities she does with her little girls based on the books they enjoy together.

Inspired by her creativity, I decided to pull from some of Little’s favorite books and redecorate his room a couple of years ago. I know, this isn’t a “new” addition to his room by any means, but it seems like I’ve been meaning to share with you all the fun details of his room forever and then I keep forgetting!

One of our favorite books is Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, and our favorite thing to do when we pour over that book is to find Gold Bug! Tiny Gold Bug is hidden somewhere on every single page of this big lap-sized book, and it’s so fun to hunt him down. Little loves this activity so much in fact that I had the idea of making a Gold Bug for his room to hide in various places.


Here’s our little Gold Bug hiding above Little’s closet door! I think he looks pretty similar to the real thing. I simply purchased an oval paper mache box lid from Hobby Lobby and painted it yellow, painted his big eyes and smile and then made his antennae out of pipe cleaners. Done! Little still loves to look around and find the Gold Bug in his room 🙂



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