Kitchen Table Classroom: The Rainbow Fish Lesson

I’ve already mentioned that we’re working on an ocean unit right now, and a great book to go along with ocean studies is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.


The basic premise of this story {for those unfamiliar with it} is that it doesn’t matter how pretty you are on the outside, what counts is the beauty you have within. It touches on the basic character pitfalls of pride, vanity, selfishness, and elitism. Beyond the great moral of the story, the illustrations are beautiful and captivating for kiddos.

After we read the book, we had a talk about how God cares more about the beauty of your heart than the beauty you have on the outside. I used my messy hair and the chocolate all over Little’s face as examples of what truly matters. It was a great lesson in virtuous qualities, and I think the boys appreciated the conversation about ways we can “beautify” our hearts. {ie. being kind to our friends, listening to mom and dad, saying our prayers, picking up our rooms, looking for ways to be helpful to others, etc.}

I free-handed the picture above, but you can find blank outlines of the rainbow fish online through pinterest or by searching on google. The boys colored the letters with crayons and then used glue and little foam ovals {from Discount School Supply} for the scales. Sequins were the final touch on our colorful rainbow fish craft.

The activities and discussions really seemed to captivate the boys’ attention and they enjoyed showing off their Rainbow Fish to Travis when he got home from work.

What activities have you found for this adorable book?




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  1. Nanny

    In the Asian section of the grocery store you can find little pasta fishes. You can put them in several bowls with a drop of food coloring and stir until all the little fishes are beautifully colored. Then do wonderful crafts with them. Red Fish Blue Fish is a good one and I just drew two fish on the page and let them glue the pasta into those outline fish. It was telling to see which of the children put red fish in the top (top) fish and blue in the bottom fish.

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