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How To: Prep a Prefold or Flat Cloth Diaper

Prepping prefolds or flats is SO simple. Prepping the diaper before you use it is absolutely essential to getting the best level of absorbency possible. If you order unbleached hemp prefolds, they still contain the natural oils of the hemp and must be washed to make them soft and absorbent. If you purchase bleached cotton prefolds, you still need to wash them to clear out any possible left over residue from their original processing and {again} add to their softness and absorbency. Washing = absorbency. Remember that. Continue reading



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Idiot’s Guide to Cloth Diapering

Before I begin this post, I want to go ahead and link to Knocked Up Knocked Over’s post on cloth diapering. Her friend Katie, an avid CDer {that’s the forum lingo there} wrote a guest post about cloth diapering that is fantastic for absolute cloth diapering idiots like me. Continue reading


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