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Saying Goodbye to Baby Girl

In my previous post, I shared with you my thoughts and fears surrounding baby girl’s first court hearing. Fortunately, the judge ruled in the favor of the state and she stayed with us. We were told by her case worker that she would stay with us until a hearing on January 3rd, and at that time she might be moved to a relative’s home. However, I was caught off guard on Friday of this past week when I received a call from a new case worker stating that she would be moved to the relative’s home on December 19th. I was in shock and my heart broke. I thought for sure we would have her at the very least through Christmas. My family had purchased her Christmas gifts and lovingly decorated stockings for her. I ordered her a beautiful hand made doll from an Etsy artist as her very special gift from us. All of these thoughts rushed through my head and I was crushed.
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