Meet My Tiny…

This guy:

This, dear friends, is Tiny Bob Dole. Yes, that is the name on his tags.

A drama of how I came to choose Tiny’s name:

Me: “He’s just so tiny! What should I name him?”

Travis: “I don’t know. Something clever.”

Me: “Bob Dole. Done.”


A list of things Tiny is not:

  • Tiny
  • A push-over
  • Generous
  • Helpful
  • Excessively active
  • Shy

When trying to think of something to blog about today, he volunteered shamelessly to be the subject, and immediately jumped on the opportunity for a photo shoot. I couldn’t say no (mostly because he threatened to sit on me if I refused).

So here he is. Tiny, meet the world. World, meet Tiny. But don’t let him have access to your bank account. He’s sneaky this one.




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4 responses to “Meet My Tiny…

  1. Mom

    You forgot to mention he weighs about the same thing as Travis.

  2. Haha, I said he wasn’t tiny!

  3. Travis

    Seriously, this cat is massive…not just physically.

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