Bunny Wagon

I was searching this evening for some clever creative crafts for Little Bug to do this next week that will celebrate and introduce the idea of Easter to him. I found a bunch of coloring sheets but very little else.

…And then there was the diamond in the cave. The glimmer of hope in the dim, dark cavern of dribble we’re expected to feed our impressionable preschoolers. On a website intended for crafty moms and preschool teachers to submit their brightest and best ideas, I found….

The Bunny Wagon.

I literally couldn’t help myself. Really, I couldn’t. After reading the verbose and accurate instructions, and imagining the endless fun my frustrated and easily-bored 2 year old might have with this clever activity, I took it upon myself to make illustrated schematics that match step-by-step the written instructions for this educational activity:

I just… Words escape me… I don’t even know what to say. Someone submitted this activity as their prize jewel of rainy-day fillers. I want to shake that mother’s hand.

This, my friends… Is parental complacency at it’s beautiful apex.

Mmm…Brings back sweet sweet memories of when I was a child and I too would drag boxes of animals around the living room for hours and hours…



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  1. ha ha ha….good one. Back when I was a kid, all I needed for entertainment was the dining room table, chairs, and bed sheets…..tunnels and cave galore 🙂

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