Just Checking In

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

We just got back in town last night from a trip to San Marcos (near Austin for those of you not from Texas). We took a group of Travis’s band kids down there for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble competition. We also took them to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio just for fun. I’m EXHAUSTED!!

Little was absolutely OBSESSED with the bus. The kids had to take an old yellow dog school bus but the three of us got to ride in the truck pulling the trailer of instruments. He spent a good portion of the trip screaming to ride on the bus. No thanks.

I’m really going to miss some of the seniors this year. But all of these kids are so well behaved and so fun to be around… easily the most fun group he’s ever had. Working with teenagers is a lot more fun when you can somewhat predict their behavior. At the last school he taught at, it was anybody’s guess what they might try. The day before Christmas vacation, for instance, an 8th grade girl stole an $800 clarinet by taking it apart and stuffing it in her boot. Yeah, I was about to the point of saying when my own kids are teens, I’m moving out. But this group has redeemed my image of modern day teenagers.

LB seemed to really enjoy Six Flags. We took a picture with Scooby.

I tried to get him to take a picture with Sylvester, who he seems interested in more than the other characters, but he freaked out on me. Oh well. We rode the train around the park, and a bus ride (EEEE!!), a car ride, a Ferris wheel….We didn’t stand in a single line for any ride! If we go back (and I hope we do) we’re going on a not so busy day like we did this time. That was the way to do it!

Now that we took a little family vaca, it’s back to the grind. Travis starts teaching at a local college’s band camp all next week. Tomorrow he has a teacher workshop that’s voluntary, but he gets paid a little if he goes. Every little bit goes into our adoption account and really adds up. After next week’s band camp, we’re going for nearly a week to Branson, Missouri with Travis’s parents. We’re also meeting his brother and his wife up there. I’m SO excited about that trip!

Once things settle down, we’re going to finish our home study. I got an email the other day from our coordinator saying that Molly (our dog) didn’t receive all of her shots the other day. UGH!!!! I checked the records and sure enough, the only one they gave her was rabies. Boo. So we have to take her back to the vet. I was so annoyed. We also have to knock out all of our physicals. That’s about it before we can schedule our in-home interview. I’m so ready to have all of that done and move on to the next step. Although I haven’t really spent a ton of time this week on the adoption front. It was nice to take a break from it all.

I don’t have much to say in this entry other than updating everyone on where I’ve been for the past few days. I hope you all have a great rest of the week. Our family has now officially entered the absolute busiest part of our summer…After June 10th, it should all be downhill relaxation and fun.

Yea summer!




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6 responses to “Just Checking In

  1. Mom

    I’m curious. Since rabies is really the only thing that Molly could get which would harm a new baby, why does the social worker care that Molly missed other shots like Parvo vaccines? I mean, it is a good catch, for Molly’s sake, but what is the issue in regards to adoption/home-study?

    • Honestly, I have no idea. It would also seem to me that rabies would be the one they might worry about more than others if the kids’ health is what they’re most concerned with. She just wrote me and said it didn’t look like they’d given Molly her booster, and that she didn’t want that to go down in the report. I don’t know. Frankly its kind of irritating to me, but I’ll jump through the hoops.

  2. hey a picture…..cool! (btw did you slip up with adding a name???? right above the pic) Just wanted to point that out in case you only wanted Little to be Little on here. Anyways it’s good to see you online again 🙂

    • Haha I’d post more pictures if I wasn’t so darn lazy! I take TONS of family pictures, but I’m often too lazy to put them on here 😦

      Thanks, Dannie!!! I didn’t mean to slip… Oops. Well, now you know his beautiful name 🙂 I’ve tried hard to keep it quiet just for his sake. I’m usually good about it… I blame exhaustion from that trip! It’s good to be back.

  3. Keadie

    It’s possible that they gave Molly a combo shot. They now have Rabies/Distemper combo shots.

    • Yeah I double checked that on her records, but it clearly says “Shots administered” and then the only one listed is Rabies. It also says at the bottom, “A friendly reminder: Molly is due for her Distemper booster. Please schedule this appointment soon.” I didn’t notice that at all, and they never said anything about it at the appointment, so I was frustrated when the coordinator emailed me about it. Boo.

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