Weekend in Pictures: Dinosaurs and Fighter Planes

Friday night: LBT viewing party. What’s that? You aren’t in the dinosaur know? Not familiar with the shorthand? I’ll help you out: “Land Before Time.” Little boys of the world, unite! To Little Bug, who is currently smack-dab in the middle of a dinosaur phase, the prehistoric creatures are all Dragons, and you must always say “raaaawwwwr” after mentioning them. Before watching the movie, he carefully lined up all of his friends on the arm of the couch to watch with him. He’s so considerate.

LB's dragons (rrraaawwwrrrr) strategically lined up on the couch to take in the adventures of Little Foot and friends.

I forgot how depressing that movie is. Sheesh.

Saturday: Air show at the WW2 plane museum an hour from here. We had no plans to go, but Little saw it mentioned on the news that morning and was thrilled. We thought he might enjoy it.


He oooed and aaahhhed as the planes whizzed overhead. Some of them were noisy, which would prompt his best attempt at a fake-cry just to garner laughs from the adults.

Misleading photo.

He didn’t really sit. This was just the one image we got of him sitting. He ran around like a crazy man the entire time. I think he had fun though. He begged food off of the people around us like a tiny third world refugee (despite the fact that we lovingly packed him a lunch before we left.) My little Oliver Twist.

"You wanna say hi to the helicopter?" "Yes..."

From the moment we left the house, all he talked about was wanting to say hello to the “lollicopter.” He would squeal with delight when one passed by, and cry when they left his line of vision. After the show, we had the opportunity to see some planes up close. We asked him if he’d like to say hi to the helicopter. He said yes, and timidly approached it. When he got close enough to give it a pat, he decided he didn’t want to say hi after all and ran. Isn’t that the way things go with kids?

If we would let him loose, he could take the world on by storm.

I think he had more fun after the show was over pushing his stroller around the blacktop. He threw a full blown fit when we put him back in it.

Mommy and Buggy

Overall, we had a fun day. I got a little tan and he got to see some actual aircraft that isn’t stamped on the bottom with “Made in the Philippines.” (That we know of.)




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3 responses to “Weekend in Pictures: Dinosaurs and Fighter Planes

  1. toooooooo cute for words!!!!!!!

  2. Aunt Sally

    Preciouse, (Did I spell it right?)

  3. my son doesn’t hardly talk, but the one word he says clearly is “Dinosaur” Which when you think about, is crazy because that is a hard word to say! I find myself often wondering if boys are just born loving dinosaurs…and LBT is very sad, but I don’t think they notice, just memorized by the dinosaurs.

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