Life with a 2 Year Old

…is strange and confusing sometimes.

Caught red handed sitting on the table putting a banana in mommy's tea glass.

My son is hilarious. He’s incredibly fun, incredibly active, incredibly frustrating, but never boring. I just wanted to share some of my favorite Bug moments from the past few days. He always keeps me on my toes, and these are the little stories about him I never want to forget {because I need to have plenty of fantastically embarrassing stories in my back pocket for that prom date!}

* Yesterday after I stuck him in the bath, I ran to take a towel out of the dryer, and when I came back into the bathroom, he was standing naked by the toilet rubbing my shampoo all over his body. I asked him what he was doing, and he looked up and said, “I wash it, mommy.” When I put him back in the tub, there were THOUSANDS of bubbles.

* We had to take Frodo cat to the ER vet the other night for a severe UTI. He’s doing fine now, but Buggy has a fascination with the cat carrier since he saw kitty leave in it. He’s tried playing with it all week now. This morning I heard him messing with it, and yelled from the other room for him to leave it alone. When I went back in there later, he’d left it alone…with half a banana sticking through the bars on the door.

* He is a picky eater, and I was trying to introduce some veggies into his diet. I made him a turkey and cheese roll up the other day with some chopped green beans snuck in there. He wouldn’t eat it, so I decided to distract him with song. I started singing “Old McDonald” and he began shouting out requests of items that might appear on the old man’s farm “Trains!” “Truck!” “Lollicopter!” I just kept singing, and soon enough he’d absent-mindedly eaten all of that turkey wrap. HA!

* Travis’s parents adopted out their Great Dane Sasha recently, but Buggy still asks about her. I explained that Sasha went to make new friends. So now if he asks about someone he hasn’t seen in a while, he’ll say, “SoandSo makes new friends.”

* He got a weird bird toy in a Happy Meal recently and it terrifies him. He freaks out whenever he sees this thing. We’ve had a hard time keeping him away from the kitchen counter. He climbs into the kitchen window seat and then up on the counter to play with whatever is up there. We can’t keep him off of it! So I put the scary bird up there, and he hasn’t been near the counter since. The other day he was yelling, “Heppie, mommy! Birdie! Heppie, mommy!” I went in there, and he got about half way up and found the bird and panicked. The Scarebug works!

* When he sees tractors, he moos loudly like a cow. It’s from the movie “Cars.”

* He clearly spelled his name today. Perfectly.

* When he sees candles or matches of any kind, he starts singing, “Halla boo-jay to you….halla boo-jay to you…”

* He’s terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

* He says, “I love you mommy,” and then when I say it back, he says with a huge grin, “Awww….you welcome, mommy!” I don’t know how that common exchange in our home came to be, but I love it.

* He HATES boogers. He accidentally got a booger on his finger last night and started screaming for help like he does when he encounters the creepy bird. Weird kid.

* He LOVES to swim. He will walk along the edge of the pool and literally just walk right into the pool from the edge. He’s fearless.

* He tripped over the cat prompting a swipe at his ankle (cats are declawed). He kept walking a little ways and then turned around and ran back to pat him and say, “I sorry, kitty!” Then he ran off to play.

* He loves to finger paint. He knows the color red, so when he saw his finger paint tubs on top of the fridge the other day, he was yelling, “RED! RED! RED!” and pointing to the paint tubs. It took me a minute to realize what he wanted.

We’re going on a family vacation and I’ll try to update while we’re gone. Everyone have a great weekend!





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  1. Mom

    Tell him Gram says she loves him!!

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