Spring Baby Shower


…No, not mine. Haha.

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Sarah, is expecting her first baby due in April. Travis and I prayed with them {Sarah and her husband Jimmy} for a LONG time for this sweet baby girl, and we absolutely cannot wait to meet her! I was so thrilled to be asked to help host Sarah’s shower, and I had a blast putting together the decorations. One of the other hostesses asked if anyone could take care of the decorations, and being crafty like I am {and a wee bit controlling maybe} I jumped on the opportunity!

Sarah chose a butterfly theme for the baby’s nursery, so I stuck with that when selecting decorations. The colors were lavender, baby green, pink, and splashes of blue {turquoise}.

When you are planning to decorate a shower, party, or wedding, it’s best to use what’s in season. It was simple to choose birds, butterflies, and all things Spring as the decor because craft stores and flower shops are full of the beautiful colors of the season. These precious ceramic birds came from Michael’s craft store for just a few dollars.

The food table looked so deliciously tempting! These pretty little butterfly toothpicks were a super simple DIY project. I purchased a butterfly punch from Michael’s that punches quarter-size butterflies in three different styles so they can be layered using different styles of paper. I simply hot glued two little butterfly punches together with a toothpick sandwiched between them. Everyone seemed to love the detail, and they were really easy to make!

Soon I’ll do a post on the super easy way to make these adorable fabric-covered letters to hang on the wall of a child’s room. I have Little’s name spelled out in coordinating colors on his wall. I love candy jars at showers and parties, and I just can’t resist how whimsical it is to have candies as decoration {and treats!} Everyone turns into a kid when you offer them candy. Those cute glittery butterflies also came from Michael’s…in the $1 bin! The large hurricane jar? Dollar General for $3!

I’m sorry this picture didn’t turn out perfect. I should have taken more. Oh well. I still wanted to show it off because it’s super simple to make a banner yourself. I traced the circles on some colorful scrapbooking paper in coordinating colors using a dessert plate as my guide. The smaller circles in the middle were given a decorative look using some pinking scissors. I happen to have a Cricut, so that made the letters super easy, but even if you don’t, you can print out the letters on your computer in a font you like and then trace them and cut them out on a cute piece of cardstock. Each letter sign was connected with a small piece of ribbon tied through a couple of small holes I punched in the paper.

I simply ran a google image search for the phrase “Thank heaven for little girls” and discovered that creative and talented Kim over at the blog Seriously Daisies had an adorable FREE printable ready-made just for me! {Okay, maybe not just for me, but I sure appreciated it!} I simply printed out the sign and put it in a dollar store frame I’d painted to look shabby-chic. I painted one layer of the frame with a lavender paint and then spray painted over that. When it all dried I took a fine nail file and sanded some of the edges and corners just enough for the lavender paint underneath to peek through. The effects were adorable.060

Look at those precious chubby cheeks! I love the idea of having ultrasound pictures at the baby’s shower. Why shouldn’t she be there?? I stole the picture from Sarah’s Facebook {because I’m sneaky and creepy like that} and then Mod-Podged it onto a sturdy piece of cardstock to give it a canvas-print look. I could do an entire post on my love affair with Mod-Podge, but I’ll just say this: It is awesome and you can tackle ANY project with this stuff. The frame is another spray painted dollar store frame.

I painted the birdhouse {there were actually 2 at the shower}, which I purchased for $1 each at Michael’s. The smaller vases with the daisies came from the dollar store for $1 each. When in doubt about how to decorate for ANY event, buy fresh flowers! The colors are so beautiful and eye-catching, you really can never go wrong with some of God’s own designs.

I created this print out on my own computer using Microsoft Word and a pretty font. Really really simple. The sweet butterfly was from my handy dandy punch.

The ribbon topiary was by far the most challenging DIY project for this entire shower. Oh, silly naive me. I got the idea from the blog Catch My Party and I really just couldn’t resist the temptation to recreate this cute centerpiece. I painted the terra-cotta pot in colors that coordinated with the painted birdhouses {and the rest of the shower} and had Travis trim off about a foot of a dowel rod I picked up at a craft store. There were five different colors of ribbons, all cut in 2-3 inch long pieces, then rolled and pinned with tiny straight pins into a medium-sized Styrofoam ball.

I printed out the “e” in a font I liked from my computer, then traced it onto a pretty fabric and Mod-Podged it onto the pot. I could have done the same thing using a piece of colorful scrapbooking paper, but I liked the rustic frayed-ness{?} of the fabric. Then there’s that tiny little butterfly again πŸ™‚ That hole punch sure got used!

I’m so glad that I was able to help put together Sarah’s baby shower, and I cannot wait to meet her sweet little girl. I’m so blessed to have her friendship and I’m so excited for the day when our kiddos can play together πŸ™‚

Be Blessed,




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2 responses to “Spring Baby Shower

  1. Sarah

    The shower was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I think every single guest commented on how pretty everything was. Kat, you did an amazing job. Plus, I have several of the decorations in the nursery now- such a special touch from a sweet friend. You are awesome!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it. The nursery looks beautiful- I’m glad so many of the decorations get to be used in multiple ways πŸ™‚ Now tell her to get here already so I can hold her!!!

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