Kitchen Table Classroom: “Gooblic”

It’s been too long. After baby girl left, we still haven’t had any calls for foster or legal risk babies. Well, I take that back, we haven’t had any calls for kids that were right for us. It’s been very slow and very quiet. Maybe God knew I needed that before diving back into another situation. It’s hard to not feel anxious though. But, in the meantime, things return to normal.

Buggy and I are moving forward with fun learning activities and he continues to surprise me every day with his ability and eagerness to learn and grow.

Beginning on Monday, I had planned to start a week long study of the five senses, starting with the sense of touch. However, Little Bug got sick and wasn’t really feeling up to much of anything until today. Instead of starting our day out like I usually do with a letter tracing activity and some kind of Bible lesson, I decided we’d focus this morning entirely just on the super fun activity: making ooblec, or as Little calls it, “Gooblic.”

For those of you interested in making this at home, it’s 1 part water to 2 parts cornstarch. I did 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup water. You could make more or less as you like.

I remember doing this experiment with my science teacher aunt many times when I was little, and I absolutely loved it. There’s something fascinating about the solid-to-liquid state of the cornstarch concoction that intrigues me even now. Little LOVED it. I took the opportunity to throw in some awesome science words like “observation,” “solid,” and “liquid.” It opened up a super fun door that I wasn’t even planning to dive into this morning.

The basis of this activity was just to discuss two of the five senses: touch and sight. However, as we played more and more with this gooey fun stuff, Little was repeating my words and saying things like, “I observe the table is a mess!” and “I observe that I can’t see my army man’s face anymore.” {YAY!}


We added drops of food coloring and talked about how the colors changed with each new addition.


I absolutely love it when he comes up with new ideas while we’re doing an activity together. He asked if he could add some cars and toys to the “Gooblic” and I ran to get some. {I wanted to make sure he didn’t put any in there that would be ruined by the mix}


He played and rescued his toys over and over again and would playfully yell “Oh no!” as they sunk into the goo.


All in all, it was a super fun activity. He really enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching him 🙂




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  1. Nanny

    Using food coloring and cups of water you can show him how different colors are made. Save black until last. Do you remember us doing that?

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