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Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Here in West Texas, Spring weather is creeping in and winter is waving goodbye, but there is still snow in other parts of the country, so I thought I’d share a fun treat we made last month when we got seven inches of the white stuff {which is a lot for my part of the world!}


This is a special treat I enjoyed with my great aunt when I was little, and I was excited to share it with Little {and Travis who had never had snow ice cream before}.

It’s very simple. You’ll need:

  • 0161 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 8 cups of clean snow
  • Optional chocolate or caramel syrup for topping

Little and I collected the snow from the front yard in an area that was untouched by anything {or so it appeared- I’ll just pretend I was right and picked a good spot of clean snow 🙂 }


We gathered our ingredients inside and I let Little do the pouring. I was afraid the snow wouldn’t stay cold, but we used a metal bowl that kept it nice and chilly while we did the prep.


Just pour and stir! We served ours up with some chocolate syrup on top and it was so yummy. You will really be surprised at how much this tastes like vanilla ice cream! It’s so good. Kids love making it too.




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Cinnamon Pecan Pull Aparts

Can I share something with all of you? I LOVE to cook. I love food. A lot. I’ve always wanted to use this blog to share some incredibly simple and delicious recipes with y’all, but I am terrible at photographing food!!! I’m no Annie Leibovitz Continue reading

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