Cinnamon Pecan Pull Aparts

Can I share something with all of you? I LOVE to cook. I love food. A lot. I’ve always wanted to use this blog to share some incredibly simple and delicious recipes with y’all, but I am terrible at photographing food!!! I’m no Annie Leibovitz when it comes to photographing pictures of my child or the things we do together, but I’m slowly trying to improve. I finally decided this weekend that it’s time I venture out there and just dive in. Even the Pioneer Woman admits her earliest food pics weren’t fantastic…But the food still was!

So bear with me while I learn this thing. Hey, at least I’m being honest, right? I can guarantee the recipes I share are TO. DIE. FOR. {Even if I’m still learning how to photograph food.}

So, for your dining pleasure:

Cinnamon Pecan Pull Aparts

This recipe has literally SIX ingredients. SIX! It’s so simple to make and sooooo delicious.

What you’ll need:

– 3 cans (10 count) biscuits

-1/2 c. chopped pecans

– 1 tsp. cinnamon

– 1/2 c. sugar

– 1/2 c. margarine or salted butter

– 1 c. brown sugar

Preheat your oven to 350 F. Grease a bundt pan and scatter your nuts in the bottom.


Now comes the fun part…Open your biscuits and cut each little dough ball into fourths. I just used kitchen scissors.


In a separate mixing bowl, sift together your white sugar and cinnamon. Don’t touch that brown sugar yet.

I know. It kind of looks like chicken. You don’t have to say it.

Toss together your biscuit pieces in the cinnamon sugar mix. Make sure each little piece is evenly coated in deliciousness!


Now, back to that bundt pan…

Scatter all of your sugar-coated biscuit pieces over the spread of pecans within the pan. They don’t have to sit a certain way and don’t worry about them not sticking and your bread falling apart. It won’t.


When all of your biscuit pieces are arranged in the bundt pan, melt your butter and brown sugar together. It’ll make a type of gooey syrup.

Pour the gooey butter mixture evenly over the biscuits.


Into the oven it goes for 30-35 minutes. Until the biscuits have risen and the top is brown.

While you’re waiting for it to bake, check out my precious helper:


When it’s done, you have a delicious, cinnamon-y bundle of amazingness.


Thanks for letting me take a stab at a foodie post. It was fun. I promise to get better at the picture taking 🙂




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  1. Nanny

    I wonder how this would be with a can of cooked apples in it? Drained of all liquid, of course. Maybe layered in the middle of the biscuits so they won’t get dried out. Maybe they would be like apple fritters only healthier because they are baked? I really like apple fritters, you know?

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