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Talking to Children About Adoption

Two big announcements before this post- first, I’m an aunt! My sister in law and brother in law {Travis’s brother} welcomed a baby girl this morning. She’s precious and perfectly healthy and we’re so thrilled to welcome her into our family. And secondly, I’ve added a new feature to my blog. It’s an Amazon bookstore full of hand-picked goodies approved by me.

The books I mention in today’s post are available for purchase in my amazon store, along with many other resources about Attachment Parenting, general parenting, raising kiddos in a Christian home, fun arts and crafts with your kids, Hyperemesis resources, and much more. All purchases made on Amazon {even for items not in my store} contribute a tiny portion to my blog. I’d love it if you could shop from my Amazon store when you’re browsing Amazon and help keep Love Makes a Family going strong! There’s a link to the store to the right of the main blog page. Continue reading

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Important Adoption-Related Questions to Ask

I remember well over a year ago when we first started seriously researching adoption, I *thought* I understood the concept of adoption. I quickly realized many of the thoughts I had were based on naive warm-fuzzies, and were not at all based on reality. Continue reading


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