So. We’ve waited on letters, waited on phone calls, waited on emails, waited on responses, waited for answers…

And still we’re waiting.

The paperwork lady at the agency said yesterday morning that the social worker lady who schedules the home interview visits would call me right away. So I waited all day yesterday of course on complete pins and needles with that nervous excited feeling in my stomach… and no one called.

So I woke up today telling myself for sure today is the day they will call! Only a few times today did I physically pick up the phone and try to conjure up some telepathic abilities to urge them to call. It wasn’t pathetic. It was cool. Shut up.

Finally around 2 I broke down and emailed the paperwork lady who has helped us gather our documents. I asked her very sweetly and not obsessively or creepily at all {I totally maintained my dignity, I promise} if she knew why it was taking so long for the scheduling lady to call me. I kind of spun it like, “Is our file missing something?” But I knew it wasn’t. Again, the name of the game was “don’t freak her out!” Because when I get going…. I can be a teensy intense.

She said that next-step lady is totally overbooked. She’s overextended herself with other home study files and can’t possibly take us on right now. That’s fine. But then she said that she can’t seem to find another worker who can schedule with us because most of their staff is on vaca.


So now we’re waiting. Again. For a phone call.

For those of you getting lost in the adoption muck at home, here’s the schedule of future events that will lead us to baby:

-Schedule that meeting with next-step person, whoever that may be

-Have at-home face to face meeting with social worker.

-Wait for report to be typed up. This can take as long as 6 weeks. Eek.

-Home study is typed and on file.

-Pay first installment to agency to become a “waiting family.” Then we’re shown to expectant women and hopefully quickly chosen by one. Then, if all goes according to plan YEA BABY!

But now we’re waiting for the home meeting to be scheduled.


She thanked me for my patience, so I must have done a really good job of making my email come across as casual! Go me.

Tiny victories, people. If paperwork lady thinks I’m cool as a cucumber, it’s a tiny victory. Because in all reality, I’ve been a total spaz.

I’ll keep you updated!


Coming soon: DIY tutorial of re-purposing and refinishing an old dresser!


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