Got a Call

Our paperwork lady really worked hard finding us a new social worker! It kind of makes me wonder if God’s hand wasn’t in all of this rearranging.

As an adoptive parent, you want your social worker to feel like a friend. They aren’t the enemy. They aren’t coming into your home to invade your privacy and wander through your home to torture you or make you feel like a criminal. Although sometimes the home study process certainly does feel that way on this end of things. I believe most social workers really are great people who chose social work as their career because they care about people and children. True, some of them have spent too much time dealing with the system and are jaded, but then again, some ministers are jaded and cynical too but they don’t face the same unfortunate stigma that social workers endure.

Ideally, your social worker would become a confidant and almost a friend. They are on your side to help you reach your end goal- adding a new child to your home! Having been assigned a new social worker makes me think that maybe God was answering our prayers about our social worker. We’ve been praying for a while that our social worker will be a nice, relaxed person with an approachable personality who we just click with.

Maybe the first lady we were assigned to is equally kind and helpful but she would have been overwhelmed and distracted with other cases. I don’t know. But the call finally came this morning. The lady who will be our home study social worker called us this morning to schedule our home study meeting. I was SO excited when a number popped up on the phone that I didn’t recognize.

She seems incredibly nice, just as our paperwork lady said. Our meeting has been scheduled for Monday at 9:30 in the morning, so any prayers would be welcomed! She stressed more than once that she wasn’t here to judge us, just to get to know us. I know that I’ll probably still be a basket case on the night before but surprisingly right now, I feel this inner calm.

I really feel confident that we will have absolutely no problems in our meeting with her, and everything will go very smoothly. I think it will be very relaxed and maybe even enjoyable. I enjoyed visiting with her on the phone this morning, so that’s a good sign. I just feel at peace about this process. I think we’ll be a waiting family before we know it.

Right now I am fighting off crazy urges to go out and buy “homey” scented candles like “Fresh Cookies” or “Cinnamon Pound Cake.” The rational part of me that is currently steering the ship is trying to silence the scared part that whispers “This house isn’t warm enough yet. More candles! Bake cookies before she comes! Hang more pictures!” But I know our home is warm and welcoming as it is. I might still put on a pot of coffee before she arrives, but I don’t think that’s so crazy.

I’m tellin’ ya, I really do feel at peace about this. I think if we present ourselves just as we are, everything will be fine. I think we’re nice people, we have a great sense of humor about life in general and I think overall we come across as personable and kind when you meet us face to face. I was scared up to this point that for whatever reason our strict budget or modest income or lack of extra bedrooms might not pass us, but I’m past those fears. I really think we’re going to be okay. If they’d seen something concerning in our paperwork  I trust that they would have mentioned it by now.

I am going to register for a class or two this fall. I’m retaking New Testament History because the semester I took it was a BAD semester for me, so I didn’t do well in it and I know I can do better. Plus I’m praying about the possibility of one day going to seminary to study Women’s Ministry, and if I do that I need to have a better grade in New Testament studies. I’m also taking a Step Aerobics class. Maybe having a twice weekly workout will help me burn off some of this adoption stress! Plus I still needed an athletic credit for my degree.

I said over and over again last semester that I wasn’t going back to school in the fall, but I think everyone around me knew that wasn’t true. I’m too close to finishing and I feel too good about myself having returned to just stop now.

We’re still finishing up on the dresser, but as soon as we are done with everything I’ll post the fantastic pictures with a step-by-step DIY tutorial on here! I’ve been busy doing other things that will make their way on there too.

And of course I’ll let you know how the home meeting goes.

Have a great afternoon!



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