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Home Study Report

We’re on a short family vacation with my brother and grandparents in Albuquerque, NM for the next couple of days. {I’ll add adorable pictures of Little at the botanical gardens and aquarium when we get home.}

However, I had to tell you all: I opened up my inbox today, just one week after our home visit, and you know what was there?? Our typed and completed home study report! Continue reading


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Social Worker Visit

I can’t write much, because we need to go grocery shopping. {We usually go on Sunday afternoons, but we were cleaning like crazy people yesterday so now our house is empty and Little is eyeing the cat with hunger.} But I’ll say this: Continue reading


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Got a Call

Our paperwork lady really worked hard finding us a new social worker! It kind of makes me wonder if God’s hand wasn’t in all of this rearranging.

As an adoptive parent, you want your social worker to feel like a friend. They aren’t the enemy. They aren’t coming into your home to invade your privacy and wander through your home to torture you or make you feel like a criminal. Although sometimes the home study process certainly does feel that way on this end of things. I believe most social workers really are great people who chose social work as their career because they care about people and children. Continue reading

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So. We’ve waited on letters, waited on phone calls, waited on emails, waited on responses, waited for answers…

And still we’re waiting. Continue reading

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Exciting News

First let me update you all on why I’ve been so busy (and not writing) lately.

We’re ALMOST done with the paperwork on our home study. Can I just say that the average adoptive family takes about a month to compile all of their home study paperwork for a private domestic infant adoption? Keep that in mind as I tell you- It has taken us more than THREE MONTHS now to get our paperwork done! Continue reading

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Over the Shoulder Syndrome

We’re quickly skiing down the road towards our home study face to face interview. For most adoptive parents, this event creates feelings of anxiety. We have one more form to turn in before they can schedule our social worker meeting. One more form. We are turning in our paper treasure hunt left and right. Each form we turn in brings us one step closer to a new baby. Continue reading


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Help for the Newbies

Here is a list of people (categorically speaking) who might find this blog interesting, helpful, or encouraging: Continue reading

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