Social Worker Visit

I can’t write much, because we need to go grocery shopping. {We usually go on Sunday afternoons, but we were cleaning like crazy people yesterday so now our house is empty and Little is eyeing the cat with hunger.} But I’ll say this:


She was EXACTLY who God wanted for our social worker. No doubt about it. She was sweet and patient and so understanding of the grueling process that is involved in the home interview. She was also a Christian, so when we answered the question “What is your parenting philosophy” with Proverbs 22:6, she didn’t bat an eye. It wasn’t weird to her at all. This is a secular agency! What if we had been assigned a social worker who thinks Scripture-quoting Christians are cloistered weirdos? God gave us the right person.

So when we said we handle big decisions with a lot of prayer, she just nodded and kept right on going.

Then came the question: “How do you plan to handle education? Is it a high priority in your home?” We said of course it’s a high priority, we want to encourage lifelong learning, a love for books, a vivid imagination, etc. But I hesitated saying that I want to home school. I worried how “the state” might view this. I mentioned that I was “interested” in home schooling. She said, “Oh, I’d recommend it! I home schooled all four of my kids. Three are still in the home, but one of them graduated two years ago. He’s now at Baylor. When he graduated, he was a national merit scholar and got a full ride to any school in Texas. My kids love it.” I could have hugged her.

When she reached the part asking about infertility, I said told her we didn’t have any, but then came explaining Hyperemesis to someone who has never heard of it. I had to spell it for her. Lol. She did however, agree that it was brutal and horrific and that I was right to not try it again. I told her I wrestle all the time with that decision but that her encouragement was a comfort.

She asked about bonding with the baby, and again I hesitated. I was scared to talk about skin-to-skin contact, co-sleeping, nursing the adopted baby, etc. Travis instead said, “Well, we practice Attachment Parenting with Little and we have all benefited from it. We plan on doing that with the next one too.” She nodded and said, “That’s exactly what we do. We co-slept with our kids, I don’t vaccinate, I nursed all of them, etc. etc. etc.” COULD SHE HAVE BEEN BETTER?? No. The answer is no.

I ask her if it’s okay that our kids will share a room even though we’re specifically requesting a baby girl. She said there are no laws or rules, just as long as the room is safe and there’s plenty of space. We showed it to her, she thought his room {which we’ve been working on all week} looks perfect and precious and walked out.

I was terrified to show her our bank statements. We had a bad month last month after Frodo cat’s UTI {and false diabetes diagnosis}, but when I pulled it out to show her and I started to explain ALL of that, she just said, “I’ve reviewed your file. I see that you guys budget wisely and have plenty of money each month for entertainment, food, gas, etc. I’m not worried about it. Just let me glance at it and then I can sign off that I’ve seen it.” Again, more urges to hug.

It really and truly was a breeze. It felt more like a conversation than anything else. She would begin the ridiculous questions with, “I know this is DUMB, but I have to ask…” or “I know you basically already answered this, but…” It made it so easy and took away all pressure.

I feel so relieved. I can sleep tonight! We still have to make our family profile, but I got all of the pictures ordered on Saturday, so we’re good to go there. We need to finish THEIR room {I like saying that} and then of course just finish preparing for a baby girl!

I feel so excited. Thank you all for your prayers, encouraging words and well wishes. Today went beautifully. This is a huge milestone in our adoption! As soon as that file is completely written up, we’ll be a waiting family and from that point on, we could get the call any day!

Thanks for staying with me this far in. It’s been bumpy, but I truly believe that this is what God has called us to do, and so I trust him to light our path.

Until next time,




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4 responses to “Social Worker Visit

  1. Congratulations Kat! Wonderful news!

  2. Keadie

    I am so happy for you that I’m jumping up and down!!! This is a perfect example of how adoption and Faith really, truly work together. It makes the whole process so miraculous. Go with it, Kat. The doors will open where you’re meant to go. I love this post!!! I’m so amazed that the perfect, absolutely perfectly matching social worker was assigned to you. Yes, God Bless, dear friend!


    • Thank you Molly, Keadie, Kelly, Dannie, and everyone else who was sending us their congratulations and prayers today. We really appreciate the support, it means so much to us! This can truly be stressful, but just as Keadie said, when you see God’s hand in it, it feels remarkable.

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