19 Days of Halloween- Day 19

Why 19? Because honestly, I started looking last night for fun things to do with Buggy and realized, “Wow, there are so many AWESOME Halloween crafts and fun activities to do together, I could do this everyday!” Then I checked the calendar and noticed how many days there are from today to the 31st {psstt…there are 19} and thought I’d challenge myself to find something to do with him everyday until Halloween and then share it with you guys.

At the very best, you’ll get some cute ideas to do stuff with your own little ones, and at the very worst, you’ll get a little giggle hearing about our craft fails. So why not? Plus, I love Halloween!

We’re starting it off simple today. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. And, by the way, have you ever noticed just how very incredibly ridiculously hard it is to find crafts to do with a two year old??? Good grief. I’m just sayin’.

Sweet Ghost Feet

You’ll need:

  • White paint
  • Pie tin or paper plate
  • Dark colored construction paper. {Black, purple, dark blue, etc.}
  • Sponge brush. {Easier to get even amount of paint on feet}
  • Black permanent marker
  • A set of really cute tiny feet attached to a willing participant {as in your kid, not your cat}

1. Simply brush the paint onto your little one’s foot. I gave Little some snacks {and a smock} to keep him busy while I painted. It’s gonna tickle, so be prepared to move with them. Notice the cute blurry pic!

2. Press freshly painted foot onto the black paper. We made two of them.

3. Ta-da! {I told y’all…this one is super easy. Baby steps.} Add the eyes and a little mouth, and you have a ghost!

You could turn them into Halloween cards for grandparents, decorations, or wall hangings or just a sweet little reminder of how small they were that year. I love anything with hand or foot prints. So precious.


Happy Halloween! Let the countdown begin!






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3 responses to “19 Days of Halloween- Day 19

  1. ha ha cute. that reminds me of a cute halloween snack……the candy chocolate you can melt in the microwave (found in the baking aisle). frosting in one of those little tubes, mini m&ms. fat pretzel sticks (like breadsticks)

    Melt chocolate
    dip pretzel stick in chocolate for half of the stick
    place on wax paper
    string the frosting on making squiggly lines
    put two mini m&ms for eyes
    let cool.

    Behold…..candy mummies 🙂 very simple….try it you will both love it I guarantee it LOL 🙂

  2. Remember the Reeses cup spiders?
    Take a Reese’s cup (or mini), flatten out the ‘paper holder’, turn it upside in the center. Use frosting to make 8 legs and 2 eyes. Freeze just long enough to harden. Edible spiders!

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