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Halloween Candy Venn Diagram FREE Printable

Do you have a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy at your house? I sure do! While I’m not sneaking bits of chocolate goodness, I’m trying to think of creative ways to incorporate this candy into a lesson. Thus, I created the Halloween Candy Venn Diagram.¬†And now I’m sharing it with everyone as a FREEBIE!


Venn Diagram.jpg

Basically, you grab two similar-yet-different candies and you compare and contrast the two. This teaches sorting skills, language skills, comparison, similarities, differences. This activity introduces new descriptive vocabulary, description, scientific investigation, and mathematical sorting skills to your elementary age student.

We compared and contrasted Milk Duds and Dots. It was a hit. Both come in boxes, both are chewy, one is chocolate, the other fruity. Lots of fun ways to compare and contrast. {Plus you get to eat it, so that’s cool too.} Buggy loved it so much, he asked if we could do another one as soon as we finished our first compare/contrast worksheet. I told him maybe tomorrow. Ha.

You could compare: M&M’s and Skittles. 3 Musketeers and Milky Ways. Nerds and Gum Drops. Have fun with it. Use what you have. ūüôā

Get your FREE Halloween Candy Venn Diagram right here {or just click on the image- I like to make things simple}.



Image is copywritten exclusively by Copies may be made for personal use, but please do not distribute the PDF as your own work, use it for profit, for public use, or link directly to it on your site. You may link to this webpage to share the worksheet with others. Thanks! 

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MommyPonder’s Take on Halloween

We are a Christian family.

We love and worship Jesus.

We raise our children up in the ways of the Lord.

We celebrate Halloween.

We stream “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” for an entire month {or longer}.

We dress up and discuss our costumes for weeks. {This year it was a family effort as we all dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz. And yes, it was fantastic. And awesome.}

We “do” Halloween.

IMG_2692 2

But, but, but….¬†

It has pagan roots!

It has evil origins!!

It celebrates things that are not of God!!!!


Take a collective breath with me…..

Now, hear me out.

Here’s my take on it…..

Our God owns this earth.  He owns this day, this October 31, {insert any year}, Anno Domini.

{Exodus 19:5} {Deuteronomy 10:14} {Psalm 24:1} {Psalm 50:12} {Psalm 89:11} {1 Corinthians 10:26}

Our God made this day. He made THIS day, today, and He said it was good.

{Genesis 1:5} {Psalm 118:24}

Our¬†God’s people will inherit this earth.

{Psalm 37:29}

I follow the God of love, mercy, goodness, kindness, compassion, justice, honor, joy, self-control, grace, and eternal salvation.

So, in short, aside from feeling for their fates and praying for their salvation, ¬†I don’t care WHAT pagans do on this day. I don’t care what they make of October 30th or November 1st for that matter. It doesn’t nudge, budge, or bother me.


Because my God is bigger than that.

I choose to celebrate this day as princesses, super heroes, Charlie Brown specials, lots of chocolate, and lots of giggles with my darling little ones and their sweet, precious friends.

I choose to take this day and make it a day of memories for my children. Memories of time spent with family and friends. Time spent laughing, staying up a little late, eating candy, playing games, and playing pretend.

THAT is Halloween to me and my family.

Let the pagans do what the pagans are going to do and what the pagans have done since Moses wrote Exodus. My God is bigger than that. 

In short: It. Doesn’t. Matter.


Nope. They aren’t. Simply because Halloween has only ever been a fun day of dressing up as your favorite storybook or cartoon character to them. It’s a day of cupcakes, candy, fun, friends, and silliness. A day where memories are made and bedtimes are late. To my sweet children, Halloween is not a night of discussing the blood sacrifices, seances, Ooijua boards, and lost souls.

You want to know my kids’ big “scare” of the day? This prank Buggy played on Daddy when he came home for lunch:


Here’s the deal:

I think we as Christians should reclaim these days {even Halloween} for the Lord!! Reclaim them for innocent fun, joy, family memories, sweet times, cherished moments, opportunities for fun, and a celebration of imagination. Forget the “history.” God is bigger than whatever man has created! Cover it with joy, silliness, and a game of dress up, and you have something wonderful. We¬†have the opportunity here for fellowship, discipleship, enjoyment, enrichment, generosity, and fun.

Don’t refuse fun or enjoyment simply because “they” have ruined it or claimed it. What right do “they” have to claim anything anyway? Everything of this world belongs to our God. Trust in that.

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. Psalm 24:1

-Kat {mommyponders}


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A New Leg in Our Journey

I have been waiting all week to post this!

Continue reading

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Halloween Pumpkin Party

Some sweet friends of ours threw a fun pumpkin-carving party on Saturday complete with delicious treats and prizes for the best pumpkin creation. I took the contest VERY seriously and spent all week looking up ideas for our pumpkins. Continue reading


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Spooky Cute Halloween Crafts

Today we enjoyed watching two little ones for one of my friends, and Little always enjoys when they’re visiting. I knew I would have them all day, so I did not just want to wing it and hope for the best. I’m a planner, and having two more children than I usually do under my watch gave me just enough justified fear to actually plan and organize our day. It paid off nicely. Continue reading


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19 Days of Halloween: Day 10

Horror films are a secret guilty pleasure of mine. I’m guessing most people upon meeting me would have no clue how much I love a good fright flick. I don’t seem like the kind of girl who gets her kicks from a good Hannibal Lecter marathon. But oh how I do. Oh yeah, I’m dark. Continue reading

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19 Days of Halloween: Day 13

Ok. This has turned into a lesson in persistence. A public lesson, which is kind of the pits. My Halloweenie buddy got sick, and this weekend was not fun around here. But I’m back today with more fun Halloween activities! Sometimes when we take on these daily challenges and commitments, things don’t go as planned, but that’s okay. If you miss five days {or fifty} you can still pick up and move on! Continue reading

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19 Days of Halloween: Day 18

So. My Halloween buddy is down for the count today. He started running a fever last night and it carried over today. I’ve called the doc and his nurse is 99% sure it’s just molars busting through. He finally let me give him some Motrin about an hour ago {after refusing medicine all day} and crashed on his floor. Continue reading


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19 Days of Halloween- Day 19

Why 19? Because honestly, I started looking last night for fun things to do with Buggy and realized, “Wow, there are so many AWESOME Halloween crafts and fun activities to do together, I could do this everyday!” Then I checked the calendar and noticed how many days there are from today to the 31st {psstt…there are 19} and thought I’d challenge myself to find something to do with him everyday until Halloween and then share it with you guys.

At the very best, you’ll get some cute ideas to do stuff with your own little ones, and at the very worst, you’ll get a little giggle hearing about our craft fails. So why not? Plus, I love Halloween! Continue reading


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