Painting Flower Pots

Yesterday we spent the morning doing a two-part project in honor of this week of Spring weather. I decided we should paint these tiny flower pots I found at the Dollar Tree store {3/$1} and then pick out a flower together from the nursery and plant it later this week. However, I stumbled on a cute idea on Pinterest that showed how to make little stamps out of bottle lids and foam stickers {which we have a drawer full of.} So we added that to our project.


  • Paint {could use washable kids’ paint- I just pulled from my big Acrylic collection}
  • Flower pots {3/$1 @ Dollar Tree}
  • Egg carton to hold paint {free!}
  • Paint brushes {Package of 5 for $1 at Dollar Tree}
  • Bottle caps {preferably the large kind from sports drinks}
  • Foam Stickers {1 Package is $1 at Dollar Tree}
  • Old T-shirt for smock

Simply remove the paper back from the foam stickers and stick them to the bottle lids. I found they worked great as stamps. It added a fun detail to our flower pots, and Little loved it. I think he stamped more on our paper bag drop cloth than he did the flower pot, but that’s okay. He had fun, so that’s what matters.

Instead of dipping the stamps in the paint, he painted the colors on the stamps and then stamped with them. Whatever works.

The final project turned out super cute. I left it to dry overnight, and this afternoon when I go into town for some shopping, I’ll be sure to pick up a flower for us to plant in our little pot tomorrow. This will look so cute sitting in the window sill, and it will be a great way to teach Little about caring for plants!





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3 responses to “Painting Flower Pots

  1. Gram wants a Little Bit original flower pot!

    • That can be arranged. We have 2 more left over that can be painted. One for you and one for Mimi!

      • Nanny

        What a cute idea! I saw that WalGreens had some pre planted seeds in plastic eggs and I had planned on getting him one so he could see how plants grow. Wet a paper towel and place a pinto bean inside the paper towel. Put the wet stuff in a plastic baggie and seal. After a few days peek and see if the bean has sprouted any roots. Let it continue until a leaf appears then transplant into a pot or the ground. Do you remember doing that?

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