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Painting Flower Pots

Yesterday we spent the morning doing a two-part project in honor of this week of Spring weather. I decided we should paint these tiny flower pots I found at the Dollar Tree store {3/$1} and then pick out a flower together from the nursery and plant it later this week. However, I stumbled on a cute idea on Pinterest that showed how to make little stamps out of bottle lids and foam stickers {which we have a drawer full of.} So we added that to our project. Continue reading



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Fun with Shaving Cream

Little had a ball last week playing with shaving cream. I got the idea after I remembered my first grade teacher covering our desks with the soft white foam so we could “clean” our desks. I figured an activity involving shaving cream could clean the top of our dinner table at the very least. I had no idea it would be such a huge hit for him! Continue reading

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