Adorable and Inexpensive Easter Centerpiece

This week I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest. I had a huge bag of pink jelly beans left over from my friend Sarah’s baby shower {which, by the way, I should congratulate her and her husband Jimmy on the birth of a beautiful baby girl on Monday!!} I loved the idea of using Peeps as decoration, because I don’t ever eat them. They have always just been very unappetizing to me, and when I would find a Peep in an Easter egg, I’d always try to negotiate with my brother or my cousins for a trade.

But now they serve a cute purpose in my world!

I simply used a hurricane jar that I found at Dollar General {$3}, filled the bottom with pink jelly beans, then made a circle of pink Peep bunnies and placed some fake pink Hydrangea flowers in the top. For an added Easter touch, I found glittery colored styrofoam eggs at Dollar Tree {$1/4 eggs}. They came attached to wooden sticks, so I just stuck them in the flowers for pops of Spring color.

Happy decorating!



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One response to “Adorable and Inexpensive Easter Centerpiece

  1. Nanny

    Cute, cute, cute!!!!!

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