Spooky Cute Halloween Crafts

Today we enjoyed watching two little ones for one of my friends, and Little always enjoys when they’re visiting. I knew I would have them all day, so I did not just want to wing it and hope for the best. I’m a planner, and having two more children than I usually do under my watch gave me just enough justified fear to actually plan and organize our day. It paid off nicely.

Wind Ghost

Both crafts were SUPER easy, and worked perfectly for their ages. Little is 3, his friend is 4, and friend’s baby sister is 18 months. We made the first craft together while baby sister took her nap this afternoon, but when she woke up, I had the perfect fall activity that even she could enjoy.

The only supplies needed for this simple craft are:

Paper plates

Construction paper


Toilet Paper


I cut out the eyes and mouth last night before our play date since the boys aren’t quite old enough for great scissor use yet. The rest is pretty basic. Assemble as you see in the picture. They really seemed to enjoy it. It’s one of those crafts you enjoy even more after it’s dry and done, because you can actually hang it outside as a wind sock. Little Bug was really excited. I found this craft through Pinterest from Clean & Scentsible.

Creative Corn

A simple search on Pinterst stirs up hundreds of corn-related activities and crafts for preschoolers and toddlers, but I needed something that didn’t actually involve corn. I decided to look up one more craft around midnight last night, so getting corn before our play date was not an option. Instead I found a cute toilet paper craft through Pinterest from Prairie Mother.

No, ours do not remotely resemble corn, thank you for noticing. But it was super fun and super easy, so whatever.

This craft only requires toilet paper rolls, paint, construction paper, glue or tape, and brushes or sponges. We used sponges for that “corny” look. …What?

Those feather looking things are the husks. I let them decide where to put them. Otherwise, they may have resembled more realistic images of fake corn. {?}

They loved it and baby girl was so messy after the activity was over, I had to wash her clothes. Yay paint!! I love autumn and all of the fun crafts, outings, and activities that the colors and fun of fall inspire. What are you up to this season?




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4 responses to “Spooky Cute Halloween Crafts

  1. Misty

    I love the easy crafts for preschoolers. Thank you for sharing. And I love the corn even if out doesn’t look like corn. 🙂

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