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One Month Waiting Check In

I thought since I’m going through this entire process start to finish with all of you, I would touch base with my readers once a month as we continue through the wait process to let everyone see the emotions I’m experiencing along the way. For many adoptive parents, the wait is the most dreaded part of the journey because we have nothing but negative warnings thrown at us about the wait. You already heard my mini rant about being labeled as desperate very early in the process in my post titled Are All Adoptive Parents Desperate?  The post talks about the warnings of that desperateness that everyone inevitably says will set in. I’m trying to avoid that feeling as much as I can. Continue reading


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Always an Adoptive Family?

I have to confess, something has been on my mind a lot lately that has really been weighing on me regarding the idea of adoption…

It’s about being different. Continue reading


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In the Waiting Room

One of my favorite Christian bands is Shane and Shane. Their sound is gorgeous and unique, their lyrics come straight out of Scripture, and they’re two boys who are from my hometown! A song of theirs that I’ve been thinking about lately is called “Waiting Room.” The song itself is about the metaphorical waiting rooms we sit in while we wait for our prayers to be answered. Continue reading


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