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Guess What We Officially Are…

I have to be honest, I sat down about six times over the past two days to try and write a post for World Breastfeeding Week. However, there’s just too much excitement going on in our own lives for me to write about that, and I keep getting distracted. So instead, for a whole series of fantastically written and thought-provoking articles on breastfeeding, please stop by Knocked Up Knocked Over. Molly is a true “Lactavist,” and I admire her encouragement and support for nursing. I’m hoping to write an article soon about breastfeeding the adopted baby, but tonight I was just too distracted and I was about to burst, so I’ll say this instead:

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In the Waiting Room

One of my favorite Christian bands is Shane and Shane. Their sound is gorgeous and unique, their lyrics come straight out of Scripture, and they’re two boys who are from my hometown! A song of theirs that I’ve been thinking about lately is called “Waiting Room.” The song itself is about the metaphorical waiting rooms we sit in while we wait for our prayers to be answered. Continue reading


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