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I Set My Eyes on What is Unseen

Over the weekend, I was exhausted. I was tired of praying, tired of waiting, tired of wondering, and tired of jumping at every little beep and ring from my phone. Every time I started to pray on Saturday, I’d stop and fall silent. I just wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling the urge to pray, and I was too tired to try. At first I felt guilty and worried that if I wasn’t praying, then perhaps that either meant God wasn’t going to fulfill the desires of our heart, or that I’d given up hope. I did not want to be in a hopeless place just because it was taking a little longer for an answer than I wanted. That’s a terrible representation of faith. Continue reading


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Guess What We Officially Are…

I have to be honest, I sat down about six times over the past two days to try and write a post for World Breastfeeding Week. However, there’s just too much excitement going on in our own lives for me to write about that, and I keep getting distracted. So instead, for a whole series of fantastically written and thought-provoking articles on breastfeeding, please stop by Knocked Up Knocked Over. Molly is a true “Lactavist,” and I admire her encouragement and support for nursing. I’m hoping to write an article soon about breastfeeding the adopted baby, but tonight I was just too distracted and I was about to burst, so I’ll say this instead:

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