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Guess What We Officially Are…

I have to be honest, I sat down about six times over the past two days to try and write a post for World Breastfeeding Week. However, there’s just too much excitement going on in our own lives for me to write about that, and I keep getting distracted. So instead, for a whole series of fantastically written and thought-provoking articles on breastfeeding, please stop by Knocked Up Knocked Over. Molly is a true “Lactavist,” and I admire her encouragement and support for nursing. I’m hoping to write an article soon about breastfeeding the adopted baby, but tonight I was just too distracted and I was about to burst, so I’ll say this instead:

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Home Study Report

We’re on a short family vacation with my brother and grandparents in Albuquerque, NM for the next couple of days. {I’ll add adorable pictures of Little at the botanical gardens and aquarium when we get home.}

However, I had to tell you all: I opened up my inbox today, just one week after our home visit, and you know what was there?? Our typed and completed home study report! Continue reading

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Homestudy: What to Expect

I said when I first started writing this blog that I would write about things that would interest me, and one of the things I searched high and low for was information about the homestudy process. Continue reading


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I’m So Tired!

I just have to say- I’m exhausted!

I’m watching LB roll on his belly on top of an inflated beach ball yelling, “To Infinity and Beyond!” at the top of his lungs, Continue reading


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